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ProGuard Roofing

With a combined 30 years experience in the roofing industry, and 43 years in construction, ProGuard Roofing is well equipped to handle projects of almost any size. We pride ourselves on professionalism, integrity, knowledge, and showing our clients the same respect we’d expect for ourselves. That means respecting your time, your property, and helping you find a solution that improves your home and your enjoyment of it.

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ProGuard Roofing


Waterproofing beyond your roof

Very few building materials are impervious to water. Given enough time, even structural concrete will ultimately succumb to water damage. We offer a wide variety of solutions to seal and protect driveways, pavers, siding, and below grade applications like planter boxes. Utilizing the most technologically advanced products and expert installation, we can help preserve and protect your investment.

Tired of paying to pressure wash your driveway? The porous nature of concrete products makes them susceptible to retaining water, which attracts dirt and gives algae a foundation on which to grow. By properly cleaning and sealing porous surfaces, we can greatly extend service time between cleanings. Call today to learn how we can help!

Did you know?

Most homeowners in South Florida are familiar with HOA’s and the necessity to regularly have their roof cleaned. Unfortunately, whether you use a pressure washer or a low pressure system with a chemical such as chlorine, you shorten the life of your roof and introduce the potential for damage every time you clean it! This can lead to more costly repairs.

ProGuard Roofing can clean and seal your roof with highly advanced nano-technology sealants, which act much like Rain-X applied to a car windshield. If your roof tiles cannot absorb moisture, algae has no place to grow. Imagine not having to clean your roof for up to 5 years…Call today!
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