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ProGuard Roofing

With a combined 30 years experience in the roofing industry, and 43 years in construction, ProGuard Roofing is well equipped to handle projects of almost any size. We pride ourselves on professionalism, integrity, knowledge, and showing our clients the same respect we’d expect for ourselves. That means respecting your time, your property, and helping you find a solution that improves your home and your enjoyment of it.

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ProGuard Roofing

Roof Replacement

Endurance and Quality.

Your roof is the only element of your house that protects everything under it. When choosing a contractor, the two most critical considerations (although there are many) are: 1) the materials used, and 2) the skill of the technicians installing them. Even the best roofing materials are doomed to fail with poor installation and even the most skilled roofers’ work will fail with inferior and outdated materials.

Although most quality roofing materials now carry 30-50 year warranties, improper installation is the primary reason for material manufacturers to deny warranty claims!
Roofing material technology and building codes are always evolving. While some roofing contractors build with the same old materials that have been used for centuries, we stay on top of developments and utilize the best materials and methods available.


ProGuard Roofing is committed to using only the best materials, installed by skilled roofers, in strict accordance to both the manufacturers’ specifications and Miami-Dade building code.

There are many ways to cut corners and costs when building a roof. Some South Florida municipalities allow Florida Building Code. To understand the difference between Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade Code, you need only look at the damage from Hurricane Michael. It may be more expensive to build to Miami-Dade code, but why take the chance?


Sloped Roofing Systems

Tile (Concrete, Clay and Slate)
Shingles (Asphalt and Wood/Cedar)
Metal (5v, Standing Seam, etc)
Flat Roofing Systems

Modified bitumen
Single Ply (TPO, EPDM, etc)
Built-Up Roofing (BUR)
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